5 tips to keep your Facebook profile safe

It is important to possess a grasp on social media to remain up with the planet and it’s also important to stay safe at an equivalent time.

Here are 5 belongings you can do to stay safe on Facebook, everyone should follow these steps.

1. Enabling 2-factor authentication and omitting unrecognized logins

Are you sure that you simply haven’t shared your profile password with anyone? While you would possibly say ‘yes’, just to be safe it’s best to place a ‘Two-factor Authentication’ and enable ‘Unrecognised Login Alerts’ also.

For the two-factor authentication,

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Security and Login
  • Click on ‘Use two-factor authentication
  • Edit
  • Enable and shut the tab.

2 Factor

Similarly, to line up the login alerts,

  • attend Settings
  • Click on Security and Login
  • Click on ‘Get alerts about unrecognized logins
  • Edit
  • Choose the kinds of alerts (e.g. email alerts)
  • Save Changes.

2. Lock your profile to outsiders

This feature gives you the power to block your profile from non-friends. Once activated, anyone who isn’t your friend on Facebook won’t be ready to see any photos and posts on your timeline. Even friends of your friends cannot see anything unless they’re directly your friends.

On your Facebook Mobile App, tap on your profile and tap on the three-dot menu icon next to ‘Add to Story’. Next, tap on the Lock Profile option then tap ‘Lock Your Profile’ at rock bottom. Finally, tap on OK.

3. Choose who sees what on your Facebook timeline

Whenever you update your status, share photos or post anything on Facebook, you’ll select who gets to ascertain what you’re sharing by using the “Audience Selector” tool. you’ll prefer to share with everyone, just your friends or maybe a customized audience, say your office group, school friends circle, etc.

While posting, you’ll be ready to see ‘Audience Selector’ slightly below your name. Click thereon and choose which audience would you wish your post to be visible to.

Also, just in case you’ve got already posted what you had to without selecting the audience, you’ll still customize this by tapping at the highest right of the post, edit the post’s privacy settings and choose a replacement audience.

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4. Choose what you would like on your Facebook timeline

Tagged during a post but don’t want everyone else to ascertain it on your timeline? The ‘Timeline Review’ feature can assist you thereupon. This feature helps you select whether posts that you’re tagged in appear on your Timeline.

To turn on Timeline review, click on the highest right of any Facebook page and choose Settings, click on Timeline and Tagging. Then attend ‘Review posts that friends tag you in before they seem on your Timeline?’. Here you’ve got to Edit and choose ‘Enabled’.

5. Manage your activity to archive or delete your old posts

Whether you’re entering the work market after college or moving on from an old relationship, things change in people’s lives. this is often where the ‘Manage Activity’ feature comes into play.

This helps you archive or trash old posts, beat one place. Posts sent to the trash will stay there for 30 days before being deleted unless you select to manually delete or restore them before 30 days is up. this provides you some flexibility just in case you modify your mind about deleting old posts.

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