5 WhatsApp security features you should know in 2021

5 WhatsApp security features you should know in 2021. If you’re a fanatical WhatsApp user, these are some security measures you ought to realize.

WhatsApp has shared some security measures which will help women keep their privacy safe on the messaging app. These security measures are often helpful for all WhatsApp users also.

WhatsApp is that the hottest messaging app globally which also makes it a vulnerable platform for scams, online harassment, and such. If you’re a fanatical WhatsApp user, these are some security measures you ought to realize.

Disappearing messages

Disappearing messages

WhatsApp security features will make messages disappear automatically after seven days. It is often utilized in one-on-one chats, and group chats also. In one-on-one chats, either of the 2 people can turn it on or off. In group chats, only admins have access to the present feature.

WhatsApp Web security

WhatsApp Web security

WhatsApp now requires users’ fingerprint or face unlock whenever they link their account to the pc . Before scanning the QR code for WhatsApp Web or on the desktop app, users will need to use their face or fingerprint unlock.

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Two-step verification

This is a crucial security feature to keep your WhatsApp account safe. Users who have this feature turned on will need to add a six-digit PIN when resetting and verifying their WhatsApp account. This feature are often enabled by getting to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

Block, report users

WhatsApp lets users block contacts on the app as doing this prevents the opposite person from seeing any updates. This includes last seen, online status or profile photo. Also, messages sent to blocked contacts will show just one check. aside from just blocking, users also can report spam and delete the message.

Fingerprint, face unlock

Your WhatsApp account is often locked using your Touch ID and Face ID on iPhones, and fingerprint lock on Android phones. you’ll also select the choice for WhatsApp to automatically lock you out of the app as soon as you shut the app.

Group chats

It’s easy to feature just anyone during a WhatsApp group but if you would like to stop that you simply can change the settings. you’ll prefer to let everyone add you to WhatsApp groups, only your contacts or your contacts except some users.


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