What is e-RUPI Digital Payment: Check Benefits, Working & Download E-RUPI App

What is E-Rupi?

On 2 August 2021, the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi goes to launch a digital payment platform called e-RUPI Digital Platform. This platform may be a cashless and contactless instrument which will be used for creating digital payments. it’s a QR code or SMS string-based e-voucher which can be delivered to the mobile of the users. The users are going to be ready to redeem this voucher with none digital payment app, internet banking, or card.

In Short, e-RUPI is a Cashless and Contactless digital Medium of Payments, Which will be Delivered to Mobile phones in a form of SMS-string or a QR-Code.

How will e-RUPI Work?

Beneficiary person will Directly receive the vouchers on their mobile sent by the government, instead of  receiving cash in bank accounts. And will be redeemable at specific accepting centers.

How will these vouchers be Issued?

The system has been built by NPCI on its UPI Platform, and has onboard Banks that will be issuing Entities.

Currency Digital e-Rupi
Under Reserve Bank of India
Introduced by PM Narendra Modi
Know about How to use Digital e-Rupee?
Check What is Digital e-Rupi?
Launch Date 02 August 2021, 04:30 PM
Under Central Government of India

who support this New Payment Mode?

Currently there are a Total of 11 Public and private sector banks that will support this new Payment Mode.

Banks live with e-RUPI

Sr. No. Bank Name Issuer Acquirer Acquiring App / Entity
1 Axis Bank Bharat Pe
2 Bank of Baroda BHIM Baroda Merchant Pay
3 Canara Bank NA
4 HDFC Bank HDFC Business App
5 ICICI Bank Bharat Pe & PineLabs
6 Indusind Bank NA
7 Indian Bank NA
8 Kotak Bank NA
9 Punjab National Bank PNB Merchant Pay
10 State Bank of India YONO SBI Merchant
11 Union Bank of India NA

        Benefits for Corporates

  • Corporates can enable well-being of their employees
  • End to finish digital transaction and doesn’t require any physical issuance hence resulting in cost reduction
  • Voucher redemption are often tracked by the issuer
  • Quick, safe & contactless voucher distribution

    Benefits for Hospitals

  • Easy & Secure – Voucher is permitted via a verification code
  • Hassle free & Contactless payment collection – Handling of money or cards isn’t required
  • Quick redemption process – The voucher are often redeemed during a few steps and lesser decline thanks to pre-blocked amount

    Benefits to the buyer

  • Contactless – Beneficiary shouldn’t carry a print out of the voucher
  • Easy redemption – 2 step redemption process
  • Safe and Secure – Beneficiary doesn’t got to share personal details while redemption hence privacy is maintained
  • No digital or bank presence required – Consumer redeeming the voucher needn’t have a digital payment app or a checking account

View List Of Live Hospitals On e-RUPI

  • First of all attend the official website of national payment Corporation of India
  • The home page will open before you
  • On the homepage click on what we do Option
  • Now you’ve got to click on UPI
  • After that you’ve got to click on e-RUPI live partners
  • After that you’ve got to click on Live Hospitals on e-RUPI
  • A PDF file will appear before you
  • In this PDF file you’ll view list of live hospitals on e-RUPI.

Download e-RUPI Digital Payment Mobile App

  • First of all open Google play store or Apple App Store in your mobile
  • Now within the search box you’ve got to enter e-RUPI Digital payment
  • After that you’ve got to click on search
  • A list of apps will display before you
  • You have to click on the primary option
  • After that you’ve got to click on install
  • e-RUPI digital payment mobile app will download in your device

Procedure To Redeem e-RUPI Voucher

  • The beneficiary need to show the e-RUPI QR code or SMS at the service provider outlet
  • The salesperson require to scan this QR code or SMS
  • Now an OTP are going to be received by the beneficiary
  • The beneficiary need to to share this OTP with the service provider
  • Service provider need to enter this OTP into the OTP box
  • Now service provider need to click on proceed
  • Payment are going to be made to the service provider

Download e-RUPI App Here- Download

Download e-RUPI Vouchers- Download

Read More at- e-RUPI NPCI

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