How to Organize Notes on Your iPhone Using Tags

Did you know you can add tags to your Apple Notes? Now you can easily find, filter, and organize notes using tags on your iPhone.

How to Use Tags in Your Apple Notes

Use tags to help you organize and categorize your notes. Tags are keywords preceded by a hash (#) sign.

Simply add one or more tags directly to your notes. Any word you will type after the hash sign will turn gray. Be sure to hit space or return after the word for it to turn yellow and become a tag. Notes can only detect yellow tags.

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Find Specific Notes Using the Tag Browser

Tag Browsers allow you to instantly look for notes that contain one or more tags. You can find the Tag Browser in the Folders view of Notes, under all your other folders. Only tags currently in use will appear here.

To use the Tag Browser, simply tap one or more tags and you’ll be provided a list of all the notes with your selected tags.

Automatically Organize Notes with Smart Folders

Up your tag game by using Custom Smart Folders. This feature automatically groups together all your notes that contain specific tags making them easy to find at any time. To enable this:

  1. Open the Notes app, then go to the Folder view.
  2. Tap the Add Folder icon, then select New Smart Folder.
  3. Choose one or more tags from the suggested options. You can also add new tags by typing in the text field that says Create New Tag.
  4. Rename your Smart Folder, then tap Done
  5. Your new custom Smart Folder will appear in the Folder view with a gear icon next to it. If you want to add more tags or rename your Smart Folder:
    1. Tap the Smart Folder you want to modify. Select the ellipsis (…) icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    2. Tap Edit Smart Folder.
    3. Rename the folder or add or remove tags.

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