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How to install MIUI 11 on your Xiaomi phone manually



MIUI 11 was unveiled in India in October, alongside the Redmi Note 8 series, and is slowly rolling out to all the recent Xiaomi devices. For those who would like to get a taste of it before it arrives for your device, here’s how to manually install it.


MIUI 11 is a big step up from MIUI 10 in terms of refinement and polishing, and cherrypicking features that consumers would like to use. The skin has been stripped off of excess features and elements, the UI has been made more colorful and a new system-wide dark mode was also added, amongst other changes. Xiaomi says that there are over 80 million active MIUI users just in India.

The rollout is happening in phases, where a few models will receive the update each week. Notably, the newer/flagship phones will receive an MIUI 11 build based on Android 10, whereas the rest will continue to be on MIUI 10. If your phone hasn’t officially received the update, you can still experience MIUI 11 by manually flashing a stable build.

How to install MIUI 11

If MIUI 11 isn’t publicly available for your device, you will have to download the specific recovery ROM for your Xiaomi smartphone. You can check out the repository here. Ensure that you choose the Indian ROM variant wherever possible for an optimal experience. The Chinese ROMs do not include Google Services, so you will need to sideload those. Some ROMs are also only available to registered closed beta users, which will verify your Mi account before allowing you to download.

As a safety measure, keep your phone sufficiently charged.

Once downloaded, move the .zip file to your phone’s internal storage. It is recommended to transfer it to the Root folder but won’t make a lot of difference, as long as it is in your phone storage.


To be able to flash an MIUI 11 recovery ROM manually, you need to unlock recovery mode. Go to Settings > About phone > System update and click on the MIUI logo 7-8 times to access recovery options.

Staying on the same screen, click on the three-dot menu on the top right and go to Choose update package. Now, navigate to your ROM, select the .zip file and hit OK when prompted.

The phone will verify the compatibility with the MIUI 11 ROM, and upon approval, the update will be flashed. This process can take a few minutes, and your phone will reboot multiple times.

Once through, MIUI 11 will have been successfully installed on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone.

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